Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), the nightmare of millions of people

All about the OCD. All kinds of Obssesive Compulsive Disorder

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I never had treated this topic on the blog, but I think it’s time to write about this big big problem that is affecting to millions of people on the world and that in a status from the moderated, it starts to be a nightmare, and in a serious condition, it goes without saying.

I want to enlarge the information all the possible about this disorder, also called OCD. Obviously many people, maybe a great part of all people who suffer it on the world, they know that what they is suffering, it’s OCD, but it’s possible that there may be another persons who feel strange things and they could think they are strange persons, and may not know that they have obsessions and rituals, and for that reason, i’m going to explain all about this topic, with all the characteristics (what is it, when is started,  when is generated… and all that questions to know it fully).

What is the OCD?

The Obssesive Compulsive Disorder (called OCD), is a anxiety disorder that consist in which the person that is suffering it has obsessions in the shape of thoughts, ideas, images, and negative feelings, unpleasant, repetitive that tends to be replayed mentally generating for this purpose, anxiety, excessive concern, nervousness, decay, depression…etc, and altough they want quit the obssesion of their mind, they can’t do it, and the obsession is coming again and again.

In the majority of OCD, it exists what is called rituals, and it’s answers whom people with OCD is searching (in the obssesions with mental ruminations are frequently mental rituals, altough it also exists physicals), either, acts that is made to neutralize and alleviate the anxiety that appears in the obssesive people when he is obssesed with any issue that causes him concern (this is in the majority of the obssesions).

The rituals only alleviate momentarily the anxiety, anguish, nervousness and all those unpleasant feelings that OCD gives to the people, but after the a short time, obssesions will returns, and it will come back with more strength, feeding the OCD and worsening increasingly the trouble.

There is also obssesions without rituals, but this (at least on the internet world), is not very frequently altough this does not mean that there are a little cases on the world, since on the forums, it’s appearing new cases of this kind of OCD and it’s calculated that there are millions of people who is also suffering it.


When does it starts?

Altough there isn’t a fixed age for the OCD to develop (because it could begin at any age),  it usually initiated in childhood or adolescence. On rare occasions, it starts after 27 – 30 years approximately or surroundings, altough as I mentioned  already, there are possibilities to start to any age.


How is it generated?

The obssesions appear in people with predisposition to the OCD, in other words, that they have ease to obsessing with anything, then, it influences a part of the brain that, altough it’s not completely proved, it’s believed that the cause is the lack of serotonin.

There are another factors that predispose the appearance of the obssesions, such as if the person had a strict discipline or also, some negative  event  that has happened him.

A time ago I read a news where it is said that OCD could be caused by a bacterium in the throat but it was just hypothesis.


How does it influence in the people affected’s life?

I clasify the OCD in various status, in mild, moderated or serious. When is mild, it influences very little on the patient but he can have a normal life yet, altough with disturbances and some moments of anguish where he will feel very bad of course, but there are much less distressing moments.

In the moderated status, OCD will start to interfere much in the everyday actions (social and labour), and little by little, the person with OCD will not do everythings what he likes with self-prohibitions.

When the status is serious, the patient get a very distressing status and frustrating where he also can get depression and more unpleasant symptons, fully interfering in any everyday action and paralysing himself increasingly.

How could it solve a OCD?

It is always always recommended the assitant of an specialist of the trouble (psychologist or psychiatrist). A therapy recommended by a psychologist or a therapy with  medications added recommended by a psychiatrist, it will help to the person with OCD to solve the problem in a determinated time.

The whole duration the OCD to be cured depends on the status that the person with OCD has in his life (mild, moderated or serious), In the serious status, the person could require long time in cure himself,  but all people with OCD must be calm, cause ant OCD, in anyone of its status, it has ALWAYS cure and completely one hundred per cent.


Clarified all information about Obssesive Compulsive Disorder, I want to talk about the various kinds of OCD that exist, where maybe some kinds is missing, but at least, I’m going to write all what I have in mind now, that it’s the most frequently:

Cleaning OCD:

this is the typical obssesion that you can see in all sites where it talks about OCD. It’s given by the fact that the person is obssesed with the contamination believing he’s dirty. He may have that idea fictitiously or also he could exaggerate much that dirt.

For example, in the last case, it’s possible that the person have the hand a bit dirty (but not contaminated), and the affected person may see it as if its hands have dirty contaminated that get make damage to its skin or oneself, or also that he might have any consequence he fears.

Verifier OCD:

is also, another of the famous obsessions that exist. It consist in the fact that the person has to verify a lot of thame the same thing.

For example, when the affected person leaves of his house and is in the street already, he feel the need to come back to check if the door is properly closed. He knews that the door was properly closed already, but the OCD make him cause that doubt, so he has to back again and verify it.

Accumulator OCD:

this is another famous obssesions that you can see in all sites. When a person has this obssesion, the affected need accumulate things, such as useless objects but he can’t break up of them, reaching its house filled with items and other things.

Symmetry OCD:

it’s possible that there may be no a lot of people that talk of this kind of OCD like the previous ones, but it also speaks a lot and has much fame.

A person with symmetry OCD needs have objects placed symmetrically as for example books in a shelf, but could be anything.

Homosexual OCD:

this obssesions (as far as I can see in internet forums), are very frequent, at least in the spanish speaking countries, and the person affected, which he’s always heterosexual,  he is afraid to become homosexual and the anxiety he feel, make him believe that he’s homosexual generating him false sensations and so he believe it.

At the same time, he will get unpleasant sensations that I wrote before, produced by the OCD.

Love OCD:

 this kind of obssesions, like the above, also is very frequent in the spanish speaking countries and the affected person believes he doesn’t love to his couple, then, the anxiety will be creating false sensations that you think that you don’t love her, and like the previous obssesions, also is creating anxiety, discomfort, depression, nervousness… and all other negative feelings that  the OCD produces, the produced by all kinds of OCD.

Counter OCD:

it could says that this obssesions have less famous than OCD symmetry but equally  (like all the obssesions), give a very inmense discomfort when taking this kind of OCD.

The affected person needs count anything to have calm and so, lower his anxiety that is produced. When it has the need to do that, it’s cause the affected think that if he doesn’t make such count, anything bad will happen to him (what that person has fear).

Ruminations Mental OCD:

this obsessions may have obssesiones or not have them. The person with that kind of disorder has thoughts, images and/or negative  sensations about whatever topic he has afraid, that he will try neutralize it with a positive thought to counter it and those are the mental rituals. It also could have physical rituals to counter it the obssesion that is produced.

When it is ruminations without physical rituals, the process is like the preceding, by generating a lot of discomfort and also all the rest symtoms that is produced by OCD, but without ritualizing physycal or mentally.

Superstitious OCD:

it consists in having afraid to male some acts considered bad luck generating to the affected, intense discomfort, either in some of the classics (for example, when he may cross with a black cat), or any other that person could invent in his mind and is considered for him of bad luck too.

I clarify that to be superstitious doesn’t imply having OCD, there are a lot of superstitious people that haven’t this disorder. As I mentioned before, it would be OCD when that superstition creates a excessive discomfort and also interferes in the daily life in a exaggerated and very distressing manner.

Blasphemous OCD:

the affected person think that he could reach to blaspheme about something.

Phobias of impulsion:

this obssesions are also very frequent in the spanish speaker forums, and it mean that the person has afraid to cause harm somebody.


I don’t know if there is some kind of OCD and is not written, but all work in the same way, the procedure of attack is equal.



Another thing you must to know is that the Obssesive Compulsive Disorder will be use all sort of evil strategies to destroy your life, in other words, the OCD is like a very bad person, which will be try by all means that you are completely wreck.

As you know, this disorder produces anxiety among other more negative emotions, but realize that OCD could become to be such a evil, that it may to use the strategie, so when you think in anything that cause obssesion on you, you couldn’t feel anxiety or concern, so you will end confused and you could think some phrase similar to:

“If I don’t feel anxiety, it just that is real what I think” . FALSE, it’s not in this way. It just a dirty strategie of the OCD and get that you will end very bad and collapsed, so not fall in none of that traps cause in this way, just will feed the OCD.


The advices that you must follow to exceed a Obssesive Compulsive Disorder are the followings:

  • You have to understand that you have really a disorder, so you must be aware that all your obssesions are unrealistic.
  • You haven’t to feed the obssesions making the rituals.
  • That just will alleviate you in a short period of time, but they will come back quickly and with greater intensity and that aggravates the problem.
  • If you haven’t mental and physical rituals, you must not give importance to the trouble. Y
  • ou think that all is by the OCD, and as it’s an anxiety disorder, it will try make believe you everythings that you have affraid as if it were real, so don’t worry about that really.
  • Altough you have whatever obssesion no matter the kind, nevermind, all attack  in the same form, then, in all kind of obssesions you will find the total solution with the right therapy.
  • When an obssesion is coming to your mind, you can write on some role the logical reasons as to why that obssesion is not real, and when you have it all written, read it and you will see that all is result of OCD. Then, if you have in your mind another obssesion like the previous, remember that you wrote in a role the logical reasons to know that was not real. If you have another obssesion different than previous, make the same procedure than before.
  • Be patient, the OCD is not cure overnight, neither in days nor on weeks, and in the degrees from moderated to severe and very severe, you can delay months or one year (it depends on how is made the therapy, if done effectively or with some mistakes).
  • You will not have to worry about the relapses. It’s very common in the recovery process, but if you continue with the therapy, you will continue to advance little by little, until the OCD is fully solved one hundred per cent.
  • In the therapy procedure, you have to be guided by a psychologist or psychiatrist. They will say you how do you have to make the things and if psychiatrist think that you need medication apart from the therapy, he will say you, cause the medication in this case, it works with the objective of while the therapy is ongoing, you haven’t a hard time.



In conclusion, I also want to say to everybody who is affected by the OCD, that all OCD can completely cure.

All, absolutely all every obssesions.

Regardless of degree that you have. Every OCD have cure one hundred per cent. When the disorders are very severe, logically you could delay more than others, but at the end, the fully healing will reach you.

¡A very strong encouragement everybody!


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