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Grand Tournament of Chinchon – Facebook Group

Grand Tournament of Chinchon (Spain and Latin America)

This is an article to announce the first big tournament of Chinchon to be played in mundijuegos, which will be of 32 participants in total. The procedure is explained below:




Registration can be done either here (commenting below) by the Facebook group or in the Tournament Forum, indicating your nick in the mundijuegos platform and the availability to play it (date and time in your country). They must also indicate the country and city, to square the hours of all participants.




Tournament System

The tournament system will be of 8 groups, which will have 4 players each. Each person will play a game against their 3 group rivals and the first two qualified will go to the Round of 16 in the knockout phase, where there will be 8ths, 4ths, Semi-finals, 3rd and 4th places and Final.


In the final phase a game will be played and the winner will go on to the next phase.




The rules of the tournament will be as follows:


Arrive on time at the agreed time on the agreed day (there may be a 10-minute delay)

Respect all rivals, this means not disrespecting anyone or using bad words with the intention of offending or creating tension in the environment

Don’t leave the game halfway through. In case of abandoning the game and the game robot keeps playing it, the game will be considered lost to the player who abandoned it regardless of how it remain and even if the user returns to the table.




Any previous rule that has not been complied with will be grounds for expulsion from all tournaments or only from the same, depending on the seriousness of the rule that has been broken.





The chips prizes will be as follows:


1º: 10.000.000


2º: 5.000.000


3º: 2.000.000


4º: 1.000.000


5º: 750.000


6º: 500.000


7º: 300.000


8º: 150.000


9º: 50.000


10º: 25.000


11th to 32nd: 10,000




Registration period and date of the tournament

The maximum registration period ends on 20/06/2020 and can be disputed until 22/06/2020.




Final message

All registrants will need to login to the Tournament Forum to ensure that no one uses two accounts in the tournament.




Note: If there are not enough players, the chips will either not be given to anyone or only to those who have shown interest in the tournament and have registered.




Finally, show the groups and table of the tournament that would be as follows: (Click on the image to see it clearly).